World Map Wall Sticker Inspiration

Worldmap Wall Sticker – Rowan’s Room

The world map removable wallpaper would be a great feature in any room or space.  This design is timeless and is an eye catching diverse wall centerpiece that suits an array of spaces.  World travelers with a love for travel could mark countries they have traveled to or places they inspire to go to one day.  When used in a kid’s room it will indeed instill early on in life the true meaning of culture, diversity and how the world is a much larger place to be discovered.

Roberts Easton has posted some amazing photos of her grandson Rowan’s room using the wall sticker world map.

“The first wall art I bought for Rowan (we had already named him) was a 2D map artwork (Australian designer). It was perfect since my inspiration for the room was always going to be about Rowan’s place in the world. How we would teach him that the world is made up of many cultures and people and each person is unique. Rowan is a lucky boy to be born in such a diverse country and with education and patience we can make the world a wonderful place” Apartment therapy

Available online: Removable Wallpaper World Map 

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